80,000 Reasons

Commitment Sunday

In March 2018, it was a moment to remember when we saw God at work as the Creekside family gathered to make their financial commitments to expand Creekside’s reach and influence in thecommunity. The faithful giving was amazing to witness and showed how faithful to our Lord the Creekside family is.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

In November 2018, we gathered as family to celebrate the ground breaking of our new state of the art Worship Center and Children’s wing. We prayed, celebrated and worshiped together as the sun went down on a glorious fall night. You could feel God’s presence at the event, moving us all.

Bury the Bible

The Creekside Staff and Elders gathered to pray and read scripture before “burying a Bible” under the foundation of the new Worship Center. We collected Scripture from the Creekside family and placed them in the Bible before burial. In the lobby of our new Worship Center, you can see a marker showing the location of the Bible.

Scripture Writing

As the building process continued we took the opportunity as a church to pray together and to write scripture on the walls, beams, and floor ofthe new Worship Center.

Worker Spotlight Events

Throughout the project, various Creekside groups have come together to take part in outreach opportunities for the workers. These festivitiesincluded providing doughnuts, having lunches with the staff and elders, handing out goodie bags with a Bible, cards from Creekside Kids and enjoying friendly conversation. We’re so thankful for the time and effort each worker put into making this project a success.

Building Tours

As a church family, we were blessed by the opportunity to make many visits to the new building as it was being constructed. Each timewe walked through, we could picture people walking through the doors and into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The excitement built from each visit and we know God has given us a great responsibility in promoting His Kingdom. This building will always be more than a building... it will be beacon of hope where we can all showcase Jesus to the world and a place where we all demonstrate Christ, Community and Compassion to every person who walks through the doors.

Time to Celebrate

During the month of July, we received the keys to our new Worship Center and spent the month finishing up the last minute details. On August 16th, we held our Dedication Service and worshipped at a church family in the new building for the first time. It was a glorious day we'll remember forever.

God Answering Our Prayers

Throughout the 80,000 Reasons campaign as we rested in the hands of God, our church received many blessings and answered prayers that not only impacted the project but allowed it to continue. Please take time to read all about the God ordained moments that have taken place to ensure our Creekside family is able to reach the community with the love of Jesus.

Creekside Miracles
At the culmination of this initiative, an estimated 80,000 people will reside within a 5-mile radius of Creekside Christian Church. It’s our calling by God to do everything in our power to ensure each one of those people come to know the love of Jesus Christ.
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