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Drink: The New Beginning

Just as conception marked the beginning of life on earth, being made new in Christ marks the new beginning of a life of intimate relationship with God in eternity. When we drink from His cup and when we seek Him with our whole heart, we find our deepest longings satisfied and we find in Him…

Mirage: The Search for More

When God created us in His image, we gave us a glimpse of eternity and we can feel that eternal longing in our heart of hearts. This explains why, despite our best efforts, we cannot possibly find fulfillment and significance in earthly things. It is impossible to satisfy the eternal with the temporary. It is…

Pure: The Ultimate Satisfaction

Searching for the something to satisfy your heart, mind, and soul? There is only one ultimate satisfier and that is Jesus Himself. Many have spent their entire lives trying to achieve that perfect sense of satisfaction, only to be disappointed time after time… and the whole time, our Father in Heaven was anxiously waiting and…

Polluted: The Poison of Religion

Religion makes for forced compliance while grace makes for willing obedience. Where religious living makes rule following a way of life and failure, grace living makes for real abundant life with an assurance of ultimate victory over sin and death. Where religion focuses on rules, grace living focuses on relationship, especially that beautiful, intimate relationship…