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Jesus and You

Jesus’ Ministry and Yours

What a blessing it is to have a church home that affords everyone opportunities to grow through service to others.  And what a blessing it is to have the ultimate example of a servant in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  As we walk down the sanctification path, we will sin less and less and that is…

Jesus’ Temptation and Yours

It has been said that opportunity knocks only once while temptation leans on the door bell! Our nature is to sin; to give into our own desires while ignoring any potential consequences that are waiting just around the corner. This fact is precisely why we need to stay alert and we need to stay close to God.  After all,…

Jesus’ Suffering and Yours

Can you imagine what Joseph must have thought when his own brothers sold him into slavery?  Can you imagine how he felt when he was falsely accused by Potipher’s wife and then spent a long time in prison?  Can you imagine how his hopes were dashed when he was forgotten by the cup bearer and…