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Sermons by Joe Hurtak

Imagine Beyond

Getting God’s perspective on your past will give you the strength and wisdom needed to not only overcome past mistakes and failures but also to use them in sharing the Gospel and in glorifying God. The apostle Paul said it best, “This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: Christ Jesus came into the…

Position Yourself To Be Useful

When we fully devote our insufficient talents and our inadequate human power to the Lord, He will use those talents and that power to accomplish miraculous things for His Kingdom.  God takes the smallest of things that are done in faithfulness and service to Him and makes those small things into mountain moving events where…

Restoring Intimacy

What is the stumbling block that keeps you from having true intimate relationships with others? The kind of relationship where you sacrificially investing time, you are transparent, you actively listen and you show a depth of caring toward that person like Jesus did for us when he came to earth as a man and took the…

Make Mary’s Song Your Song

Imagine the gossip and finger pointing that must have taken place as Mary’s pregnancy became more and more visible. She certainly must have experienced ridicule and rejection as a result of God’s calling in her life. And yet Mary, humble servant of God, rejoiced in her blessing and carried out God’s plan for her in…

Threats to the Soul

The eternal human soul needs daily care! Just as a beautiful garden needs tending, the soul needs tending to protect it from the threats the world and the evil one will throw our way.  Satan would love to give you your heart’s desire in this world just to keep you from spending eternity in heaven. …

Jesus’ Temptation and Yours

It has been said that opportunity knocks only once while temptation leans on the door bell! Our nature is to sin; to give into our own desires while ignoring any potential consequences that are waiting just around the corner. This fact is precisely why we need to stay alert and we need to stay close to God.  After all,…