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Jesus’ Suffering and Yours

Can you imagine what Joseph must have thought when his own brothers sold him into slavery?  Can you imagine how he felt when he was falsely accused by Potipher’s wife and then spent a long time in prison?  Can you imagine how his hopes were dashed when he was forgotten by the cup bearer and the baker?  If anyone had a reason to fear, worry, complain or feel resentment towards God, it was Joseph! And yet, every time Joseph suffered, he pressed into God’s goodness and he chose to continue to worship Him.  In reading the chapter, you can even find gratitude, rejoicing, and complete faith through Joseph’s suffering!  Joseph made a choice, a choice available to each and every one of us.  Let’s choose to press into God and choose an attitude of gratitude so we can feel the full blessing from God that awaits as we are conformed into God’s will for us.