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Who We Are

Dream Initiators gratefully recognize God has given them the spiritual gift of giving along with resources to make an eternal impact for generations to come. They demonstrate this through strategic giving over and above their tithe to accelerate Creekside’s vision. During the month of December, we had 27 baptisms, over 2,000 people at our Christmas services and our Dream Initiators donated $5000. Our current projects are listed below.

Student Ministry

Our Creekside Student Ministry is dedicated to raising Kingdom Workers. A big part of that journey includes students taking part in CIY and Mission Trips. The Dream Initiators Team has donated $8434 which will be used for scholarships and other expenses for these events so all students have the opportunity be a part of these life changing events.

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Worship Center

We are so thankful for the blessing of our new Worship Center. With Covid-19 impacting attendance, giving, and the building process itself, we had to adjust plans to match financial commitments and other unforeseen circumstances. One part of the build that has not been done is permanent and directional signage to make it clear to the community Creekside is here to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to serve our community. There are 80,000 people within five miles of Creekside and we want them all to know Jesus.

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Preschool Scholarship Fund

The Creekside Christian Preschool is thriving but sometimes we run across families whose children need a Christian preschool but they cannot afford the tuition. Our goal is for every child to be educated in a Christ-centered environment where they grow up know how much Jesus loves them. You're welcome to donate any amount!

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Kingdom Growth Staffing

As we enter the next phase of Kingdom growth, our church staff will also continue to grow. This initiative allows our Dream Initiators to focus on hiring experienced and highly sought out staff who will impact Creekside Christian Church day in and day out.

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