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CSM partners with families to raise this generation to be kingdom workers.

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Who we are

Creekside Student Ministries exist to help students create friendships, follow Jesus, and make a difference in the world around them.

Authentic Environment

Our group of loving and caring volunteers are here to help students navigate a life filled with hard choices and conflicting messages. CSM is more than just another thing to do, it’s a group of people who genuinely care about you and want to grow with you in Christ while having a whole lot of fun along the way.

Impacting Lives

Our Middle School Ministry (MSM) and High School Ministry (HSM) provide an environment where students connect to community, grow, and have tons of fun. Students are also placed in Small Groups where students are divided according to grade and gender. In these groups students experience life change as they connect with their peers and a leader.

Relevant Teaching

We partner with parents to help raise students who love Jesus with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength. We tackle very tough topics relevant to our student’s lives, and provide Biblical teaching and solutions for those topics. By developing a Biblical World View, students can make choices to show their love of Christ in both word and behavior.

Life Change

Every student matters, and we will meet students no matter where they are in their faith journey. We partner to develop a firm faith foundation and a very personal relationship with Jesus!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSM?

CSM stands for Creekside Student Ministry. It’s a place designed to meet our 6th-12th grade students right where they are. CSM provides an authentic environment where  students connect with others and Jesus in a real and powerful way. This experience incorporates crazy games, high energy music, inspiring messages and small group time with leaders and peers. No matter where your students are in their faith journey, we have a place for them.

When is programming for High School students?

High school students are in a season of preparation – relationships, school, or their future. They are setting down foundations that will springboard them into the rest of their lives. Everything we do at HSM is to help walk alongside high school students in this season of their lives, but most importantly, knowing and following Jesus along the way. We do that through three avenues: Social, Service, and Small Group. HSM is a Sunday night experience where high school students can find Christ and Community. We meet during the school year from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Student Center.

When is programming for Middle School students?

Middle school students are in a constant season of change. Therefore, what we want to do is be consistent for them. Everything we do at MSM is built upon Jesus, relationships, and FUN. We want middle school students to know that each week they will find each of those three things at MSM. We do that through three avenues: Teaching, Table Groups, and Games. MSM is a Sunday morning experience where middle school students can find Christ and Community. We meet at 9:00 am on Sundays in the Student Center.

What is MDWK?

MDWK is our time to really come together as a Student Ministry (both Middle and High School) and grow together. At MDWK, we will have an open space for students to hang out and play games and study together. MDWK is a Wednesday night experience where students will always have a deep-dive Bible study presented to them for them to engage with.

What is SM?

On these Sundays, our MSM & HSM join together and will all meet at the same time. We do everything as we normally would during normal MSM/HSM programming, except that we do not meet in small groups on these days. We make sure to still spend a lot of time meeting students where they are at, spending time in relationship, and making sure that every student that walks through the doors know they matter here.

Do students have to check-in?

All students check themselves in using iPads located in the the Student Center upon arrival. If  this is your student’s first time, we’ll teach them the ropes when they arrive. After the class or event is over, students are free to leave and find their parents. There is no formal check-out process.

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are gender and age specific groups that meet to discuss very tough topics relevant to our student’s lives, and provide Biblical teaching and solutions for those  topics. This is where deep discussion, accountability, and relationships happen. Group are led by adult sponsors who have a deep love for students and also enjoy hanging out, learning from God’s Word, and just having fun together.

How do I get my student plugged into CSM?

If your student is comfortable showing up at one of our regularly scheduled meeting times, let them join us! We also have a group of student leaders who would love to help get your student acquainted with the group. If the student leader option is best, tap the “Schedule a Visit” button below and we’ll have a member of our Student Leadership team meet your student to help make him/her feel at home.

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Should my student attend Worship Service?

The answer is a resounding YES, we want all of our students to attend weekly Worship Service. We create our CSM classes so your students can attend a Worship Service on Sunday mornings and also have time to serve on a team. Attending Worship Service is great way for your student to deepen their faith in Christ and prepare for a Christian life after high school.

Where can my student serve?

We have a variety of serving opportunities for our Middle School and High School students and invite all students to serve with us! We know Jesus calls everyone to serve and He doesn’t put an age restriction on it.

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Do you baptize students?

In following Jesus’ command to be baptized, we baptize by immersion. If your student is ready to be baptized, the next step is to meet with our Student Minister to discuss what baptism is all about and to schedule this life impacting event.

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