Join us for Worship Service:
Sunday: 9:30 am & 11:00 am
Wednesday Prayer Service: 6:30 pm
92 Life Spring Way
St. Johns, FL 32259
Phone: (904) 287-2777


The best way to fully experience God’s power through Creekside is to join us in membership. We firmly believe that being a member is more than just signing a membership covenant, it’s joining a family of believers and establishing a church home for you and your family. Being part of Creekside family also means you are part of a community changing the world and doing life together. At Creekside, we offer three opportunities for you to learn our beliefs and values, get connected, and discover your giftedness and calling.

1st time here?
Creekside in 5: After each service, we have Ministry Leaders waiting to meet you! Please come to the designated area beside the platform at the front of the Worship Center to hear about Creekside in 5 minutes or less and receive a gift for being a guest with us. This is a great place to find out how to get connected.

Exploring faith in God?
Starting Point: Everything has a starting point including your faith! Are you a seeker? Someone that is “seeking” more information about the Christian faith? Or, maybe you’re a starter? Someone that just “starting” a relationship with Christ. Perhaps, you’re a returner? Someone that has attended church before but have been away for awhile. If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, our 8-week Starting Point Class is for you! Starting Point is where questions about God turn into conversations about faith. It’s a place where you can express your doubts and explore some of the trickiest questions about faith free from pressure and judgement. Our next class starts soon so stay tuned. Faith is a journey… not a destination. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for this class regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk.

Are you ready to Connect@Creekside?
Our Connect@Creekside classes are designed to meet the Spiritual and growth needs of all believers regardless of where you are in your Christian walk. All four classes are independent of one another so you can take any class on any given Sunday, regardless of any previous class attendance.  All four classes will benefit all believers so feel free to take classes of interest to you and compatible with your schedule. Please see class descriptions below for specifics on each class.

Connect to Jesus: If you are new to Creekside or want to learn more about a relationship with Jesus, join us for step one of our Connect at Creekside growth track, Connect to Jesus. In step one you’ll hear about the Good News of Jesus and what He did because of His love for you! This class will give you the opportunity to learn what it means to be baptized and why this is an important step in your spiritual growth. For people interested in sharing the Good News of Jesus with others, we’ll cover great ways to make sharing natural and easy. Please stay tuned for our next class date.

Connect to the Church: If you want to learn more about who we are as a church, join us for step two of our Connect at Creekside growth track, Connect to the Church. In step two you’ll hear about the purpose of our church, details about our biblical beliefs, our church leadership, how we handle money, and the organization of the church. At the end of class, you’ll have the opportunity to become a church member! Please stay tuned for our next class date.

Connect to a Team: At Creekside, we believe the best way to serve you and help you grow in relationship with Jesus and the church family is to get you involved with a group or team to serve and do life together! Join us for step three of our Connect at Creekside growth track, Connect to a Team. In step three, you’ll learn how God designed you with specific talents and gifts and discover your special design and how to make a difference in the lives of others. We’ll also review the ministries at Creekside and meet some of our ministry Coaches and Leaders. Please stay tuned for our next class date.

Connect to Leadership: We want to help you develop your leadership skills to be the best spiritual leader possible and to help you lead a team of volunteers. We are growing and looking for people who enjoy leading others with positivity and joy. Join us for step four of our Connect at Creekside growth track, Connect to Leadership. In step four, you’ll hear about the Creekside leadership structure and the opportunities we have to mentor others. Please stay tuned for our next class date.

I want to grow, but how?
201 Member Mentoring: Sign-up if you are a new Christian and want to grow stronger in the basics of the Christian faith. You will be connected with a same gender mentor that will meet with you for approximately 18 weeks strengthening you in your walk with Christ. Reach out to Emily Good for details.

I still don’t feel connected?
301 Member Engagement: We want to fit form with function and match you to your perfect fit in ministry teams and groups. Reach out to Emily Good to learn more!

 I’m ready!
401 Mission Engagement:  Be a mentor, small group leader or apprentice, or go on a mission trip. Reach out to Emily Good to learn more.

Life Tools Class
Are you ready to serve, but aren’t sure where God might use you? God uniquely designed you with a distinct personality, special talents, and spiritual gifts! These, combined with your life experiences and your heart’s desires, make you especially well equipped to carry out God’s purpose for your life! Our LifeTOOLS classes will help you discover how God wants to best use you in His Kingdom. Please stay tuned for our next LifeTOOLS class date.

Come discover your gifts and calling and also be impacted you in the following ways:

  • Improve your “People Skills”
  • Get along better with those at work and church
  • Be more confident of who God made YOU to be
  • Know how to make YOUR unique difference in the world
  • Align yourself with God’s will for YOU